About the Ministry

Adventure Rec.
A dventure Rec. is a new exciting outreach ministry here at Sierra Pines Church! Our goal is to get outside and experience the joy of the wilderness.

Living in the southern entrance to Yosemite we want to connect our community and fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to the beauty that surrounds us! Although we are a ministry of Sierra Pines Church, we want to reach out to all people groups and engage on the common interest of exploring our parks and outdoors, allowing the peace that is found in the wilderness to bring us all together!

SPC Adventure Rec. has something for all ages and all skill level- from the tiniest of campers to the adventure enthusiast, this is a place for all to participate and enjoy the great outdoors.

Come join us as we climb the mountains, paddle the rivers and see whats outside!

“One road leads home and a thousand roads lead into the wilderness” -C.S. Lewis