About the Ministry

Y outh group here at Sierra Pines is something different than you might see anywhere else. We have a proven ministry that has been marked by leaders who have defied the odds. Each youth group has its own culture and defining characteristics. With Aftershock being vibrant and full of more energy than a junior higher on a steady diet of nothing but skittles and energy drinks. And The Underground with its depth and desire to see students ready to contend for their faith in an uncertain culture. Both of these youth groups are present to provide a safe place to hear a dangerous message. Matt and Mike have been in youth ministry alongside each other for over a decade and still retain a passion for the youth of this mountain community. We would be honored to have you come visit and see what we have to offer.

Jr. High (Aftershock) Every Tuesday @ 7pm and every Sunday upstairs during 2nd & 3rd service.

Sr. High (Underground) Every Thursday @ 7pm and every Sunday upstairs during 3rd service.

About the Leaders

Josiah and Natalie Gil

Josiah and Natalie Gil

Jr. High Youth Pastor

Sr. High Youth Pastor
M ichel Musacchio is passionate about many things Jesus, scripture, and coffee to name a few, which makes him a great fit for youth ministry. For the past 11 years he has served at Sierra Pines because of his love for students and his desire for them to know Jesus’ love for them. He has a beautiful wife and 2 red headed children who are much of the reason for the smile you see on his face. He also speaks quarterly in YWAM as a lecturer about varying topics, but is most passionate about teaching the Father heart of God. You can find him on the high school campus, your local coffee shop, or maybe out on the hiking trails!


  • Jessica NoonJessica
    Sierra Pines Youth Group can be summed up as a family, a home, a place of growth, and an escape from a stressful daily schedule. Not only have I become closer to God by attending, but I have loved seeing others get closer to God and grow in their faith as well; and it is fun to walk along each other.
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