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Day 36

Pray while entering Sierra Pines that this would be a great day of celebration…

Little is Much…when God is in it!

John 6:8-9 NIV
Another of his disciples, Andrew, Simon Peter’s brother, spoke up, “Here is a boy with five small barley loaves and two small fish, but how far will they go among so many?”

I have spent much time in my life trying to re-imagine what that day felt like to the people who were in attendance at this miracle. Weary families, consisting of Moms, Dads, little ones, babes in arms…walking great distances on dusty pathways in the hot sun. No drinking fountains, no fast food restaurants along the way, just mounting desperation. Hope fading fast that the “miracle worker” would get to them somehow with “proof” that the unimaginable could happen. That my blind mother might see again, or my crippled child be made whole. But with thousands upon thousands trekking along with you, what hope would there be that whatever miracle may take place would favor your family in particular? Why should this amazing Rabbi, this prophet of the dusty pathways choose you? The day was getting older, and many had followed Jesus as He took the short-cut across the sea, following Him the long way around till He finally stood still on the mountainside. His twelve closest followers gathered around Him looking concerned and even upset as they looked at the growing crowd of literally thousands of people. Standing far back, one could not hear the tense conversation they were having, only gestures, and the Rabbi’s twelve closest followers scanning, and conversing. From the crowd you could see a small child moving up toward the men, holding at his small arm’s length a small bag. One of the disciples bent down, listened to the small boy, and with both hands took the apparent offering with a smile, then turned and handed it to the Teacher. The teacher smiled broadly, winked at the little boy, lifted His eyes toward heaven and prayed. What followed was watched with growing interest as Jesus reached again… and again…and again, into the small bag, each time pulling more fish, and more bread out to distribute to the people seated around Him. He kept reaching for more, distributing more, fanning out to the greater reaches of the crowd until literally all the five-thousand plus in attendance were fed to overflowing. Not one person that day went without their own personal miracle!
Today (4/2/17) at Sierra Pines Church is the day that each of us brings our own provision to see what the Master can do when we give up what we hold in our hand. However small or large He has provisioned us to give, many will be fed the bread of life. One day, from Heaven’s perspective, we will look back on this day and realize this was the day that we brought our “lunch” as it were…and watched the Master do what only He could do with it. Pray that the Lord of the harvest will expand His Kingdom, and our future home with what we have place in His hand today!

Pastor Bruce

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