Day 34

Read Luke 24 (Matthew 28; Mark 16; John 20)

The sun peaks over the mountain. The rays break forth the coming of a new day.
The streams flow. The animals move about.
People pass each other on their morning route.
Life slowly rises, as it has always has.

To the Roman it was just another day dawning.
To the Jew it was just another day dawning.

To the follower of Jesus, the dawning had come. He had died. And today, as his female followers came to see, He had resurrected. Come back to life!

Each follower of Jesus had wondered these last days. How could it be?
How could it be that he hadn’t conquered as we thought he would?
How could it be that he was “God with us”, but he is not with us any longer?
How could it be that our hope is seemingly gone?

They mourned as their Lord hung on that cross and died. They watched him, agonizing with every breath, until the last one came and went. Death claimed him.

Three days they endured the uncertainty, the pain, the confusion, the sadness, and the mourning. They mourned the passing of their Jesus.

But not this morning! To the Roman and the Jew, it is simply another dawn of the day. To the follower of Jesus, the Light of Salvation was coming. Coming back to life.

As Mary came to see it was Jesus that morning, all that had been spoken came to pass. Jesus had died, been dead, and now came back to life. He died, with the sins of the world upon him, to give us life.

We no longer mourn. We celebrate the morning of Resurrection.

May we celebrate this name. His Name is Jesus. Jesus.

-Brett Wilkinson

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