About The Ministry

F earless youth group is a safe place for 6th-8th graders to learn about God, have fun, and build friendships. We teach that people are not things to be objectified, nor accidents of chance, but souls who truly matter to an epic and loving God. We should treat each person with love and grace as well as ourselves and reach out to change the world for Christ. Matt Sconce and his wife Heather are hilarious and fun youth leaders who build relationships with the students and lead them to Christ with memorable stories and their life example.

Jr. High Youth Group meets on Tuesdays at 7:00pm.
There are also a meetings on Sundays at 9:30am and 11:15am.

About The Leader

M att Sconce has been the Junior High Youth Pastor along with his wife, Heather, for the last 13 years at Sierra Pines Church. He is also an award winning director/writer/filmmaker, and has produced 11 shorts, 5 feature films, and has written 6 feature screenplays. His most recent feature length film, Firefall, was released theatrically in 2013. Matt has four blackbelts, owns the local Movie Theater, and is the Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Movie Heroes. He loves Jesus Christ and believes the way to reach the youth of the Nation is to love them and show them how much they are loved by the Creator of the Universe.