Day 31

The Last Supper

Like so many young families, Debbie and Jim often found there was “too much month at the end of the money.” With two small children, they both felt it was a priority to have Debbie stay home to raise them. That left providing for the family solely on Jim’s shoulders, a job he took on with pride and determination.
“I never wanted to make my husband feel bad,” Debbie reported. “Jim was a hard worker. I knew he was doing he best he could, so with only two days until payday I kept it from him that funds were getting low until I couldn’t hide it any more.”
That night as he walked in the door, Debbie employed the sense of humor Jim loved to let him know how broke they were. “This evening’s dinner has a name, dear. We’re going to call it ‘the last supper!’ Because that is what it is—the last of the food in the house. You can check the refrigerator, and all you will see is the light. Check the freezer; all we have is ice. Look in the pantry, and you’ll see a six ounce can of tomato paste. That’s it. That’s all we have left!”
“The last supper, huh?” Jim chuckled at his wife’s creative way of delivering bad news. They both knew that calling their parents wasn’t an option.
Relying on their parents or Christian friends meant they would be providing, not God. They had been faithful to tithe even though things were tight. Jim had worked as hard he could, and Debbie was careful with every penny, so now it was time to trust the Lord to do his part.
As they bowed their heads to pray over dinner, Debbie could see from Jim’s face he clearly wasn’t worried. No furrowed brow or worried words, just a heartfelt prayer of thanks for the food that was on the table.
They finished their meager dinner, and busied themselves with the evening tasks of taking care of a young family—doing dishes, bathing the kids, taking out the trash. Just as things wound down and they were heading for bed, there was a knock at the door.
“It’s 10 o’clock at night who could that be at this hour?” Debbie wondered out loud.
She answered the door and a man asked, “Do you still have that coffee table you were selling at your yard sale a couple of weeks ago?”
“As a matter of fact, we do,” she responded not quite sure what was happening.
“I’ll give you $40 for it!” the man stated.
“Sold!” Debbie said trying to contain her excitement.
Without wasting a minute, she was in the car and at the Safeway at 10:30 at night filling her cart with milk, bread, eggs and the rest of what they needed to tide them over until payday. God answered a prayer they barely prayed with more than they expected, and He promises to do the same for you.

Making it Real~
• Think back over the landscape of your life to a time when God unmistakably answered your prayers.
• Does remembering God’s conscientious care strengthen your faith?
• Write out your story, and share it with at least one other person to help build their faith.

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