Day 35

A Resurrection Day Reminder
(Romans 8:31-39, paraphrased by Ken)

What’re you gonna say about these ultracool
Things? Hey, think about it, don’t be no fool —
People, for you, God gave up His Son!
God’s on our side — this problem’s done!
Don’t matter who wants
To beat and batter ya.

Look, who with his common sense so broken
Would dare defy what the Judge has spoken?
I’m talkin’ ‘bout that Judge who’s sayin’
“Not Guilty One! … Not guilty, two! Three. Four.
Not guilty all! Forgiven forevermore! …
Now, anybody here bringin’ charges?”

Lemme enlarge,

‘Cause you jus’ might be sittin’ ‘n cogitatin’ here,
Invitin’ in some agitatin’ fear
That certain trials and troubles are buff enough
To separate you from Christ’s love.
Go ahead, name ‘em off, my friend,
Then, maybe, we can scoff at them.

“Scoff? What about heavy, hard times?
What about hurt from friends turned hateful?
What about hunger — true gnawing hunger?
What about homelessness?”

“All fright’ning fears, and then — whoa! —
What about that Final Foe?”

Can these separate us from the love of Christ? . . .
Ha! Remember His sacrifice?
And how, when you really grasped it, you said,
“Hey, gimme that cross. Lord, I’m dead!”
They can’t kill a dead man,
Can they?

O.K., just so there’s no confusion here,
Lemme make my conclusion clear:
Christ’s death plus God’s Word
Leave me convinced
— I’m talkin’ full-on persuasion —
I mean a Holy-Ghost-fillin’-up-my-soul Invasion! —

I’m tellin’ you I know that I know
That neither death nor life,
No angel, no demon,
Not today’s hyper-tension
Not tomorrow’s apprehension,
No power below, no potentate above,
NOTHING in the universe
Trumps God’s Jesus-love!

End o’ story.
To Him be the glory.

-Ken Marks

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