Day 12

The Loaves and Fishes

Picture it: I was 23 years old in my first year of nursing school, married 9 months when my husband gets transferred from Ventura to Bakersfield. I was sleeping and studying like crazy on a friend’s parent’s couch, with only the weekend to see my young husband, do wash, buy groceries, and clean his apartment. All is well EXCEPT I forgot to buy gas on Thursday. It is Friday and because of a nationwide petroleum shortage you can only buy gas on Friday if the last number on your license plate is even and mine was, of course, a 3. I have two gallons of gas to travel 120 miles. I’m tempted to buy some paint and change the 3 to an 8 , but how would that be walking – or driving – in faith ? So I prayed, “Lord, could I please have a loaves and fishes kind of day and off I go. The gas needle doesn’t move down and I keep praying.”
A quick but pertinent spider web – my wonderful husband is a mechanical engineer. In order to be sure the car is performing at its maximum we need to keep an exact record – dividing miles traveled by gallons purchased and recorded in a small book kept in the glove box (where no one ever keeps gloves). So I reach my destination at the Bakersfield apartment with the monitor line on empty, which is where it had been for quite some time. A phenomenal THANK YOU to God preceded a good night’s sleep.
The next day I took my car with it’s wonderful 3 to the gas station, filled the tank, and proceeded to do the math and dutifully record the magic number. WOW. The record looked like this… 21, 20, 22, 19, 65. God is my provider !!

Carolyn O’Nesky

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